Racism Is Social Pollution
Don't Be Part Of The Problem
Be The Solution


Like Climate change, racism (as all forms of inhumanity) must be Resolved. Thanks to perfect 2020 vision, it has become crystal clear that human beings worldwide want an end to racism and all forms of inhumanity.

The problem is NOT one's skin color, eye color, hair texture, job title, political affiliation, economic status, sexual preference, zip code, uniform, age, badge or gender. The problem is not phenotype (features).

The problem is not race ... the problem is racism.

Delete Racism Save Humanity

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PHOTOS left to right: Phavia Kujichagulia (Author, Educator, Griot, TOTB Designer), Taiwo Kujichagulia-Seitu (Educator, N’COBRA Education Co-Chair, TOTB Tech Guru, Exec. Director Lyric Performing Arts Academy), and Kehinde Salter (Educator & Artistic Director Lyric Performing Arts Academy)